Scholarship Honour Recital

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Each of these students have obtained First Class Honors or Distinction in their 2016 Piano Examinations. Congratulations to the following Scholarship, Trophy and Medallion Recipients:

Kylie A.
Aiden C.
Airin C.
Ashley C.
Celina C.
Charis C.
Cynthia C.
Kristen C.
Marcus C.
Nicholas C.
Andreas D.
Lauren H.
Megan L.
Milton L.
Peter L.
Samantha L.
Elya M.
Markus M.
Natalie N.
Samantha N.
Hilary P.
Rianna P.
Madeleine Q.
Deacon S.
Hayley S.
Mika S.
Dominique T.
Wesley T.
Justin W.
Miyuki W.
Regan W.
Christopher Z.
Lian Z.