Jean Lyons School of Music Award Recipients

IMG_3187Congratulations to the following students on their outstanding achievements this past year in various music festivals across the Lower Mainland. Each of these students received the highest mark in their respective categories, with marks ranging from 82% to 96%! Students who scored the highest mark received a Championship Trophy with a Silver and Bronze Medallion for those with the second and third highest mark in each category. Congratulations to everyone on a successful year!

Ashley C.
Celina C.
Cynthia C.
Naiomi C.
Whitney C.
Matthew E.
Arianne F.
Lauren H.
Fraser J-M.
Jaden L.
Samantha L.
Kenzie M.
Leal M.
Markus M.
Mika S.
Risa S.
Emmalyn T.
Wesley T.
Regan W.
Christopher Z.