Scholarship Recital Rehearsal Schedule for November 8, 2015

There will be a rehearsal on November 8, 2015 for all students participating in the Scholarship Recital. Students are not required to dress up, but are required to bring their own music!

Beethoven Room

Avery A.
Celina C.
Brendan W.
Charis C.
Christopher Z.
Miyuki W.
Russell N.
Megan N.
Maxwell N.
Milton L.
Jaden L.
Kenzie M.
Dominique T.
Aiden C.
Julianne K.

Chopin Room

Cynthia C.
Christopher D.
Kaydn E.
Arianne F.
Ashlyn H.
Charlotte H.
Lauren H.
Joel J,
Hayley S.
Evan L.
Markus M.
Danielle R.
Elya M.
Henrik C.
Mason C.