Suzuki Method

Private Lessons following the Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method is a world-renowned and highly successful educational method of music instruction. Children who train in this method learn to play the same way they learn to speak. Therefore, this method is often referred to as the “mother-tongue method”. Students learn best through listening and imitation, repetition and receiving praise and encouragement in a positive learning environment (at home and in class). An early beginning and home support help make music a part of your child’s daily life.

The Suzuki program relies strongly on the cooperative relationship between teacher, parent and student. In order for a student to have a successful learning experience, parental support is crucial. Parents can help by creating a supportive, affectionate and encouraging musical environment. Parental participation is essential and involves:

  • playing recorded repertoire at home on a daily basis.
  • providing a quality acoustic instrument.
  • learning the fundamentals of playing the instrument (it is not necessary for the parents to have a music background).
  • attending each lesson with the student, taking notes or recording the lessons and practicing daily with the student at home.