Pop, Rock, and Jazz Piano with Victor Noriega

Victor Noriega with his students at our annual Christmas Performance!

Do you love music? Do you wish you had taken more lessons in your earlier years? Is there a piano or keyboard that has been collecting dust at your home for way too long? Are you a young music student looking to dig deeper? Or perhaps an amateur musician looking to go pro?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then lessons with Victor Noriega might be the perfect fit for you!
Learn the skills of today’s modern musician, including improvisation, applying theory to real music-making situations, developing a good feel for every genre, and making music (jamming!) with others.

Jam session at Aberdeen Centre

“I feel so fortunate that Jean Lyons School of Music secured Victor Noriega to provide jazz piano lessons. He has reignited my love of music study, and advanced my technical knowledge and confidence to improvise. His thoughtful approach to what I needed was clearly evident, week-to-week, as he sought ways to help me build from what I had learned before, and move forward in a meaningful way. Victor’s temperament is suited to music pedagogy since he nudges his students forward and demands excellence. He does this in a way that is gentle and mindful of what it is like to be in the student role.” – D. Rehorick, student of Mr. Noriega

Music is waiting to be made…by you!