Early Childhood Music Programs

Early Childhood Music Programs

Jean Lyons School of Music is proud to offer a variety of early childhood music programs, including Suzuki Method. These programs will help enhance your child’s development and instill a lifelong love of music. Music helps a child’s intelligence, math, science, language and social skills, and is best learned at a young age.

Our School offers the following Early Childhood Music Programs:

Music, Movement & Make-Believe Classes (Toddlers and Preschoolers)

Our early childhood music classes (toddlers and preschoolers) are based on the Orff and Kodaly music methods. Developed by German composer Carl Orff (1895-1982), Orff is an internationally recognized developmental approach to holistic music education. Kodaly, an early 20th century Hungarian educator, placed a great importance on the development of pitch and rhythm. Learning the Orff / Kodaly music methods can help a child learn a formal instrument later.

In our program/lessons, children create their own music and delight in imaginative play. Classes incorporate singing, rhymes, playing percussion instruments (shakers, sticks and drums), creative movement, folk dance formations and dramatic play. Musical activities often include scarves, puppets or felt shapes.

These classes are designed to allow a smooth transition into our private lessons, which are further complemented by Piano Play, Studio Club and Ensemble Enrichment Classes.

Parent participation is mandatory in the toddler class (0-2 years old), making this music education experience a family bonding activity.

“It is delightful to see my child enjoying every moment of the music, movement and make-believe class!” – Amy T.