Pop/Rock/Jazz – Welcome Back, Victor Noriega!

We are proud to welcome Victor Noriega back to our School this month! An award-winning pianist, composer and arranger, Mr. Noriega is an original voice in jazz. He has been a featured artist in such music festivals world-wide including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Earshot Jazz Festival, the Bumbershoot Festival, the Filipino-American Jazz Festival, and the Philippine International Jazz Festival, and has performed in premier music and jazz venues in North America and other parts of the world. A versatile player, Mr. Noriega currently works on a diverse set of projects and collaborates with artists from a wide range of musical backgrounds.

Victor Noriega will be offering the following course at our school…please contact us with any inquiries or to register!

Pop/Rock/Jazz: Making the Music of Today

Learn the quintessential skills of today’s modern musician, including improvisation, applying theory to real music-making situations, developing a good feel/chops for every genre, and making music (jamming!) with others.