Getting to Know Our Faculty: 6 Questions with Victor Noriega

Please introduce yourself….
Hello, I’m Victor Noriega, the Jazz Piano teacher at JLSM.  For the past 20 (!) years I’ve been composing, performing and recording original jazz music, as well as contributing on a variety of other projects as a pianist/keyboardist/producer. I recently released an album with my group “Pontius Pilots”; a collaboration with NY-based saxophonist Jeremy Udden in a tranquil journey of synthetic textures.

Name your top 3 favourite songs to listen to, right now.
Jeremy Udden, “Plainville” (2008)
Jillian Lebeck, “Solo” (2016)
Radiohead, “Kid A” (2000)

Most unique gig you’ve performed?
Performing with the Oakland East Bay Symphony for the premiere of my orchestral piece “Generations, Directions” at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland, CA in April of 2012.

With live performances cancelled, what are you doing instead? 
Producing original material at home with MIDI synths and new recording gear.  Next album is in progress!

What do you miss most about performing live? 
I miss quality time with my musician friends.

Best practice advice?
5 minutes of focused energy > 30 minutes of going through the motions.

Want to learn more about Jazz? As our jazz expert, Victor has curated a Spotify playlist of essential jazz standards for your enjoyment! Have a listen here