50 Day Practice Challenge

What is the 50 Day Practice Challenge?

Students are challenged to practice piano daily for 50 days to encourage them to develop and maintain a habit of practicing every day.

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed our 50 Day Practice Challenge!

Abigail A.
Anna A.
Nicholas B.
Olivia B.
Bella C.
Curtis C.
Cindy C.
Noele C.
Raquela C.
Daniel F.
Emma G.
Margaret G.
Mike G.
Owen G.
Saya G.
Adelinde H.
Amanda H.
Henrietta H.
Chloe I-J
Adam J.
Gabriel J.
Isabelle K.
Natalie K.
Albert L.
Angelina L.
Bradley L.
Christopher L.
Cooper L.
Emma L.
Isabella L.
Jefferson L.
Michelle L.
Samantha N.
Barbara M.
Hana M.
Taro M.
Alyssa N.
Vanessa N.
Rianna P.
Tessa P.
Emma S.
Mika S.
Abigail T.
Daniel T.
Emily T.
Matthew T.
Skylar T.
Gillian W.
Janelle W.
Lucas W.
Annabelle Z.